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Lawrence Taylor MSc

Lawrence first experienced Atlantic Canada with his family in the summer of 1966, while his father filmed the region for Expo ’67, and it was from that point onward that he knew he wanted to return. With one foot in marine research, and the other in professional photography he started Biodiverse Canada, in 1991, from his home in Dartmouth, specializing in freelance marine research, underwater photography, and industrial pre/post-production.

Much of Lawrence’s earlier success was the result of embracing the digital revolution in scientific and commercial imaging, but with deep learning and A.I. on the horizon, he realized the potential of automated machine vision technology to link biological data gathering, and seafood processing, and launched NovaSpectrum Analytics, in 2016.

As an entrepreneur, Lawrence also recognized that unlike the past century, traceability leading to sustainability and eco-certification where paramount for any modern commercial fishery, or aquaculture business. Wanting to be a leader, and not a follower, Lawrence is now excited to be leading NovaSpectrum in developing SeaLogR: Real-time, verifiable data for seafood management and planning --You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Lawrence’s passion will always be to record and document our sunken treasures, but at the same time wants to help sustain marine life, and support activities above and below the waterline.

Photo: Lawrence Taylor (left) and Wilma the Beluga whale (Right), Credit: Jim Johnston

Photo: Lawrence Taylor (left) and Wilma the Beluga whale (Right), Credit: Jim Johnston